Phase 1

Choices of Phase 1:
– Bouquet from the Heart of Japan

Copyright JEC

– Hanazume

Copyright JEC

– Hanakago

Copyright JEC

– Mile High

Copyright JEC

– Hanayama

Copyright JEC

– Fan Papers

Copyright JEC

Here are some pictures of my phase 1 Hanazume that I’ve finished in 2008:

Step 1: Putting the fabric onto the frame. Very tricky and need to be done perfectly in order to get perfect result.

Fabric is laced onto the frame.

Work is being stretch and held with chopstick, then it up.

Work has to be covered all the time and….

being secured with a pin.

Step 2: Stitching

Cherry blossom

Maple leaf

Sakura and part of Chrysanthemum

Pine trees




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